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"Peter, working with you helped me recover what I knew about stories – what they are made of and how they do their work. It also helped me understand new things about stories, from the voices that tell them to the pacing that carries the reader/listener. I’ve already started applying my experience working with you to the business of publishing the work of the Center. It’s making a difference."   --Pete Scisco, Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, NC)

"Thank you so much for traveling to Rochester and presenting to our group -- your talk resonated with our team and they were energized and inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Amy Davis, Division Chair, Communications, Public Affairs, Mayo Clinic

“Used various technics and story-telling aspects to drive a Managed Marketing Services oppty for $21.6M. This oppty. is a 4Q 2016 deal.  This deal was the centerpoint of the Sales Immersion class case study that I developed during the Sales Immersion class.” — Charlie Honke, IBM

“Thank you so much for the all-day session last Friday. We had a regroup right after I left you, and it was all extremely positive feedback. Someone from the Agency said that it was the best training they’ve ever had in their 7 years at Pru!” — Alisha Garfinkel, Director, Integrated Production, Prudential Financial

“I attended your ‘Crafting Story for Impact’ presentation. Convinced of its benefits, I gave a presentation today on software patent mining, using two stories – failure and success – to bring out patenting best practices. During the stories, I showed no slides. I felt it was very successful in conveying otherwise dry points in a meaningful and memorable way. So this is my thanks and recognition of the value of your work.” — Andy Shirmer, IBM Master Inventor

"Peter is an engaging speaker and extremely knowledgeable about the science of storytelling. His presentation and interactive approach had us captivated ... and was both informative and fun." -- Uma Thangaraj, Mayo Clinic

“I called my twin sister and told her she has to take this workshop!” —Heather Maloney, Communications Manager, Cigna Insurance

"Peter, a huge thank you for your wonderful partnership to deliver an excellent two-part storytelling series to the Brand & Communications Community these past two weeks. The live calls attracted 585 unique participants and there have been over 200 replay downloads to date. Almost 95% of attendees who responded to the poll rated the education very highly and of immediate value to their work -- a great testament to the quality of content, your expert delivery” — Edwin Betts, IBM

“As I work and speak with many of you, the question keeps coming .... How do I become a better storyteller? How do I even start thinking about a story? What is it that people react to?

Today, I felt as if a veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see clearly the answer. I sat through the first session of Peter Orton's Storytelling series. He walked us precisely through the answers to those questions, the importance of evoking emotion and gave us all a simple way to think about what constitutes a powerful story:... I would very much encourage everyone to sign up for the remaining sessions of Peter's storytelling series.” — Scott Hebner, VP, IBM Global Marketing

“Peter is an excellent presenter. Loved that he pulled in examples from the organizations of the people in the room. Very engaging.” —Kate Malionek, Communications Manager, Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

"Peter, Thanks for creating a safe, supportive and creative atmosphere for people to write stories and improve their story-telling technique. Certainly the high point of my 2015 training." — Robert Nersesian, IBM

“I used many of the learnings from that session, the client said it was an awesome proposal and shortlist.  I started the shortlist with the same story I told at the session; so - that trip was worth $20M to me - wanted to let you know ;-)” —Wendy Dupree, IBM

“Truly found it all valuable.’’ — Joan Cronin, Strategic Communications Team Manager, Citizens Bank

“Your presentation on storytelling: Peter: Amazing, Amazing Amazing!  This was so helpful to me. I'm presenting at IBM InterConnect next week and I hope to include these techniques in my presentation!  I knew some of this information, but never saw it put together in such an organized framework. Thanks so much for this! It couldn't have come at a better time!” — Henry C. Will IV, IBM

“I have taken the key strategy of storytelling to my Navy team.  The more I look back on previous Navy briefings IBM has done, the more I realize story telling is key to gain the engagement of the customer.” — Chris Choby, IBM

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the great presentation you gave to our team last week.  You made us all better!” – Ron Petrovich, Communications Director, Mayo Clinic

“Great information and experience!” — Roy DeLaMar, Communications Manager, Cigna Insurance

“Story telling approach in delivering messages resonates better with clients and sticks in their minds.  Benefits to be seen in another of opportunities where we left clearer messages with our client.” — Joern Kropfgans, IBM

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